Inbound Contact Center Setup
  • 24 Mar 2022
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Inbound Contact Center Setup

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With Tegsoftcloud, you can better manage all conversations with your customers. With the CRM application embedded in the system, you can instantly record the information you receive from your customers. You can keep a record of all calls in the system and many more features. You can find detailed information about Inboun Contact Center from this link.

This document contains the Inbound Contact Center setup steps. Explain the use of the application in the web interface for the administrator. You will finish the definitions in all steps. The explanations of these steps are given below. You can find all the explanations and screenshots about the menu in the links under the title.
For the system to work, you need to pay attention to the order of operations.

ℹ️  For detailed information on Tegsoft installation and activation processes, structure and configuration steps, please review the one-pager pdf.

1-Finish Server Settings

You can view the server information and details of connection you setup with Tegsoft on this screen. Capacity information, time zone settings, server and Tegsoft IP information, enable IP, block IP information are kept in this area.

You can access the "Server Settings" explanations and screenshot here.

2- Define & activate VOIP Trunk

You must create an IP to IP connection between the service server and Tegsoft server. With Tegsoftcloud, you can answer inbound calls and call your customers. Your inbound and outbound calls are transferred through this trunk.
You can access the "Trunks" explanations and screenshot here.

3- Create a default call profile

The call profile allows agents to outbound calls and combines outbound routes. When doing an outbound call, the system uses the call profile. Call profile information is requested when creating an extension definition. You can access the "Profile" explanations and screenshot here.

4. Create extensions for agents

The method that allows voice files(calls) to go to the correct destination within the system. An extension number allows one phone line to be used by multiple users. There should be a different extension number for each user. User actions are recorded in the system with this extension number and appear in reports. You can access the "User Management" explanations and screenshot here.

5-Create users for agents and assign matching extensions for each user

The user is the employee who will work in your company. You must create one user for each employee. You must add a different extension number to all users. Combining extensions and users creates a site for each user. This site also needs a computer. The system records the transactions made with the users. You can evaluate the performance on the basis of the user. You add only the primary role, you define the user's authority in the system. When saving, your user will be created with their authorizations.
You can access the "User Management" explanations and screenshot here.

6-Create users for administrators and/or supervisors

You can create an admin or supervisor user in the system with the authories to be given to the user. The user defined under the user management can be an admin or supervisor by giving the primary role. There is no difference between the definition of Agent admin or supervisor. The definition is saved on the same screen. By assigning only the primary role differently, the user can transform into these three characters these are "Agent", "Admin" or "Supervisor".

You can access the "User Management" explanations and screenshot here.

7. Define time conditions (Defining working hours and special time periods)

Time settings allow us to separate the time into specific groups. When you define the different time groups you work with as time conditions to the system, you can run the Tegsoft system in accordance with your working style in these time groups.
You will need time definitions and setting for Campaign Calls, Inbound Calls, IVR, Webchat Skills, Call Queue etc.
You must define the time condition for the system to understand your working hours.
You can access the "Time settings" explanations and screenshot here

8. Create one or more call queue(s).

You must create at least one call queue. You should create an imaginary waiting room where the customers calling you will wait until they make a phone call with the ready agent.
You can access the "Time settings" explanations and screenshot here.

9. Configure agent assignments for queues and supervisors.

You must assign the agents who want to receive calls from this queue from the Agent section. If there is a supervisor to be authorized from this queue, you should assign it from the authorized section. The process to be done in this step is explained while creating the call queue.

10. Create IVR scenarios

IVR is an automated interactive voice response system interacting with the caller. The customer listens to the IVR system menu, responds by pressing a key on his phone, and then the system reacts accordingly. Based on the caller’s answers, the system either provides the caller with the required information or routes the call to the right agent.

With IVR, some transactions can be handled without being connected to an agent. Information messages, bill payment, appointment cancellation, appointment reminder, etc.

You can access the "IVR" menu explanations and screenshot here.

11. Defining inbound call flow scenarios

This menu determines the route which inbound calls are going to follow in the Tegsoft system. You can manage inbound calls with different configurations on the time condition. When you are not working, you may not receive a call or have a different IVR announcement work.

You can access the "Inbound Calls" menu explanations and screenshot here

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