Define Your Call Profile
  • 02 Jul 2021
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Define Your Call Profile

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The call profile allows agents to outbound calls and combines outbound routes. When doing an outbound call, the system uses the call profile. Call profile information is requested when creating an extension definition.

Without a call profile, the call cannot log out of the system. Routes and trunks are defined in this profile. Before defining a profile, you must define outbound routes from the "Outbound Routes" page. You can combine these routes in the profile.

In order to access to Skills Menu, click on the “PBX Management – Profiles” field. Through this menu, in direction of needs, new profile can be created or profile settings can be changed.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 21.59.12.png

In this screenshot, all the titles to be defined in this menu are given. Detailed explanations of the titles are explained step by step below.
Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 15.22.11.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 14.12.21.png

Result and Filter Section

With filtering, you can quickly find the result what are you looking for. There are three different filter options available.

You can find information about the use of the icons on the left panel in this link.

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Basic Settings

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 10.28.29.png

Field Name Explanation
Name The name of the call profile will be entered in this field. It is recommended to choose a name related to the call profile defined.
Notes A note can be written for the call profile for the information of other supervisors.
Call profile This field will be filled automatically after the save operation.
Operator destination This is a PBX feature used to identify operator destination. If customer is trasfered to an invalid destination this route is going to be followed to avoid hanging up on customer. Usually secretary phone or a common queue is used for this destination.
Operator number This is a PBX feature to identfy an easy access phone number for the operator. Like 0 (zero) to call secretary from an internal phone.

Outbound Routes

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 22.02.51.png

The purpose of using the call profile is to combine outbound routes. Outbound routes use when the agent calls. Calls take place as routes allow. If the number you are calling does not match your route, you cannot make this call. You can find detailed information about this topic in the Outbound routes section.
Outbound route combine will be done from this area. The routes you defined in the system will appear after the profile is saved. You must assign the outbound routes you want to combine from left to right. It is assigned one by one with a single arrow. With a double arrow, all routes are assigned from left to right.

Telephone Settings

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 22.04.14.png

Field Name Explanation
Ldap directory name The name given to the LDAP option to be entered.
Ldap name filter The filter scheme applied for the name of each record in the records in the directory.
Ldap number filter Filter scheme applied for the number of each record in the records in the directory.
Ldap server IP address of LDAP Server.
Ldap port LDAP Server's port.
Ldap base Base module to use for LDAP.
Ldap max hit The registration limit that can be used.
Ldap user LDAP username.
Ldap password LDAP user password.
Ldap name attribute Value to be used for record names. (Example: displayName)
Ldap number attribute Value to be used for record numbers.
Ldap display name Name that will appear in the settings to use.
Ldap version Version of LDAP to be used.

Authorized Users

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 22.04.56.png

The Authorized Users tab is clicked to determine the authorized persons to which the external link will be connected. On this tab, there are two separate lists called Unassigned Users and Assigned Users. External links to which the selected user can be assigned are listed in the Unassigned Users list. In the Assigned Users list, external connections to which the selected user is assigned are listed.

Adding an Authorized User

From the "Unassigned Users" list, select the external link to which the user will be assigned, and then click the Transfer > button to complete the process.

Note: If all contacts in the "Unassigned Users" list want to be assigned to the external link at once, the Transfer All >> button can be clicked.

The following operations must be done

The following information refers to the fields that should be filled at least when defining the extension. To define a more complex extension, consider the field descriptions above.

There are two different profile definitions for Inbound and Outbound Contact Center. You should define the one that proper your system.

Note: Fields marked in red are mandatory fields. If it is left blank, it cannot be registered and you will see a warning in the pop-up.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 19.39.06.png

1-)Call profile definition for inbound contact center

Agents will not make calls to the inbound call center. You just need to create a default call profile. The Name field is required for profiles. You must give this profile a name and save it.
You don't need to assign an outbound route. After saving, you will use this profile in the "call profile" area while creating its extension.
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 19.23.08.png

2-)Call profile definition for outbound contact center

Agents will call the customer for the outbound contact center. You need to create a call profile with outbound routes. The name field is required for profiles.
-You must give a name to this profile and save it. Outbound routes will appear.
-You must assign routes proper for this profile from the Outbound route section. After saving, you will use this profile in the "call profile" field when creating the extension.
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 19.33.48.png

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