Slack Integration
  • 11 Aug 2022
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Slack Integration

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Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for the office but has also been adopted for personal use. Tegsoft offers its users the opportunity to carry out these Slack messages through Tegsoft by integrating the Slack application into their own Tegsoft software.

This article explains step by step how to integrate Slack into Tegsoft.

1. Slack and Tegsoft Integration

Please follow the steps below carefully to complete the Tegsoft and Slack integration without any problem.

1. Go to the Click Sign in to your Slack account.

2. Sign in to your Slack account with your email address.

3. Check your email for a code and enter it for verification.

4. Choose a workspace for your user.

5. Click Create an App.

6. Choose From scratch option to configure your app’s scopes and settings.

7. Enter an App Name. Pick a workspace to develop your app in. Click Create App.

8. Choose Event Subscriptions tool.

9. Go to CC Management ➔ Contact Center Settings in Tegsoft.

1. Click plus icon (+) to add new text account.
2. Enter an Account name.
3. Select Account type as Slack.
4. Click Save button.
5. Copy Account ID and enter it as the value of the TRUNKID in the following URL.

(Please do not forget to replace {TEGSOFT_SERVER} in the URL with your server domain.) 


10. Turn on the off button to enable events.

Enter the URL obtained from the previous step as the Request URL.

11. Scroll down the page and click Add Workspace Event to subscribe to event on behalf of users.

12. Select the following events from the list. 

      ➤ (A message was posted in a direct message channel)

      ➤ message.groups (A message was posted to a private channel)

      ➤ message.channels (A message was posted to a channel)

Click Save Changes button. 

13. Click on the OAuth & Permissions tab from the left menu.

Click Install to Workspace button.

14. Click the Allow button to give permission.

15. Copy the User OAuth Token and keep it for future use in Tegsoft integration.

16. Click on the Collaborators tab from the left menu, then select the member to add as a collaborator.

17. Copy the User Code at the end of the URL of the redirected page and keep it for future use in Tegsoft integration.

18. Go back to the Text Account page in Tegsoft. 

1. Enter in the URL parameter.
2. Enter the User OAuth Token in the API key parameter.
3. Enter the User Code in the Username parameter.
4. Check the Is active option.
5. Click the Save button.

19. Go back to the OAuth & Permissions page.

20. Scroll down the page and click Add an OAuth Scope button under the User Token Scope.

      Select the following scopes from the list. 

       ➤ chat:write  c(Send messages on a user’s behalf)

       ➤ files:read (View files shared in channels and conversations that a user has access to)

       ➤ files:write (Upload, edit, and delete files on a user’s behalf)

       ➤ users:read (View people in a workspace)

Click the reinstall your app for these changes take effect.

21. Click the Allow button to give permission.

2. Create and Configure Web Chat Skills (Queues)

After all integrations are configured, web chat skill shall be created.

For detailed information about creating a web chat skill, please review Web Chat Skills (Queues) article.


3. Define Text Routing Rules

After web chat skill (queue) is created, text routing rules shall be defined.

For detailed information about Text Routing rules when creating a web chat skill, please review Text Routing Definitions article.

When you have successfully completed all these steps, slack application integrated with Tegsoft will be ready to use.

For example, when a message is sent to Jane Poe via slack, this call will come to Tegsoft as a text-based call and can be answered by the agent as seen in the following screenshots.

Tegsoft makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, by or with respect to anything in this document, and shall not be liable for any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or for any indirect, special or consequential damages.

Copyright © 2022, Tegsoft. All rights reserved.

"Tegsoft" and Tegsoft’s products are trademarks of Tegsoft. References to other companies and their products use trademarks owned by the respective companies and are for reference purpose only.

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