Tegsoft Web Chat
  • 18 Jan 2023
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Tegsoft Web Chat

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In a survey, it’s found that 90% of costumers rate an "immediate" response as very important when they have a customer service question.

Speed and quality are everything for today's costumers. But speed and quality are difficult to achieve in tandem.

The good news is that web chat tools can be used at almost every stage of the customer lifecycle to help with both the speed and quality of your interactions and support.

What is Live Chat and Chatbot?

Web chat is a communication tool on your website that allows you to talk to your visitors and customers in real-time. It helps you answer questions, support challenges that arise, resolve issues, or direct users to the specific solutions they need.

Under the web chat umbrella are live chat and chatbots.

Live chat entails human-to-human interaction – meaning, a human (such as agent) talks to the visitor who's reaching out via live chat software.

Chatbot helps you manage real-time interactions on your website without the need for an agent to work with the customer.

In cases where the chatbot is unable to assist the customer, the web chat is transferred to the live chat.

What is Tegsoft Web Chat?

Tegsoft Web Chat is a live chat software that allows for unlimited chats, use both desktop and mobile (Android & IOS), and easy installation (simply add the snippet of code to your website to get started communicating with visitors and customers).

Among many others, the Tegsoft Web Chat’s most prominent feature is an omnichannel live chat software. You can manage communications with your visitors and customers – on various channels including live chat, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media (Facebook and Instagram direct message) – all from the software.

If you don't have agents online 24/7 to respond to live chat messages, you can share your team's online hours in the chat, so visitors know when to come back.

Custom chatbots allow you to create and set up messages and responses of choice on your web pages. Additionally, Tegsoft Web Chat allows you to provide automated greeting messages via live chat as well as other features including file sharing, payment, pre-chat forms, customizable web chat tool, and tracking performance.

Web Chat & Chatbot Integration Methodologies

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