Tegsoft Screen Recording Product
  • 01 Aug 2022
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Tegsoft Screen Recording Product

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This article covers the topology, configuration and setup steps of the Tegsoft Screen Recording product.

1. Topology

Tegsoft Screen Recording module records the screen of a call made by the agent and then combines this screen recording with the voice recording of the call.

In the architecture of the Screen Recording module, the signaling is triggered from Tegsoft to the user. Data transfer is triggered from the user to Tegsoft.

The screen recording topology is shown in the image below.

2. Requirements

a) License Check

Screen Recording Module works with concurrent license model and SP_ScreenRecording license should be defined as many as the number of users to be registered in the system.

b) Tegsoft System Information

Before the installation, the following information needs to be prepared in order to send the screen recording from the user to Tegsoft.

Tegsoft URL: Company.tegsoftcloud.com

Web Service Username: Username of user authorized to call web service in Tegsoft system (For example: sr.ws)

Web Service User Password: The password of the web service user

3. Configuration

In order to activate the Screen Recording Module on the system, the following definitions needs to be completed in the Integration Parameters screen on the Tegsoft software, and agent(s) and optionally queue(s) needs to be assigned.

Follow the steps below in Tegsoft software to set integration parameters for screen recording.

Graphical user interface, application  Description automatically generated

Step 1 – Click CC Management tab.
Step 2 – Click Integration Parameters tab.
Step 3 – Click plus icon (+) to add new integration parameters.
Step 4 – Set parameters.
Step 5 – Click the Save button.

The parameters in Step 4 are described in the table below.




Enter an integration name.

Login URL

Enter the URL as

Note: The Login URL should contain the Tegsoft System URL without https:// at the beginning. Username and password should be updated as the username and password that has the authority to call web service.

Call offer URL

Enter the URL as

After call URL

Enter the URL as

4. User Setup

Screen Recording application consists of a file named ffmpeg and a file named ScreenRecorder with .jar extension. These two files need to be copied and pasted into a directory under the TSR folder on a disk such as C or D on the user's computer.

Please download the Screen Recording application by clicking the link below.

Once the ScreenRecording.jar application is triggered, it continues to run in the background. To trigger this application, the Windows Task Scheduler needs to be defined by following the steps below. This ensures that the application is automatically triggered each time the user logs in.

1. Click the Create Task button in the Task Scheduler application.
(Note: Do not create basic task.)

2. In the General tab:
➤ Type Name (For example: SR).
➤ Select Authorized user.
➤ Check Run with highest privileges.
➤ Click OK.

3. In the Triggers tab:
➤ Click the New button.
➤ Select the Begin the task option as At log on.
➤ Click OK.


4. In the Actions tab:
➤ Click the New button.
➤ Select the Action option as Start a program.
➤ Select the ScreenRecorder.jar file located in the TSR folder, which was previously copied to the user's computer, as Program/script.
➤ In the Start (optional) box, type the directory of the TSR folder. (For example C:\TSR)



5. In the Conditions tab:
➤ Uncheck Start the task only if the computer is on AC power.


6. In the Settings tab:
➤ Make sure the settings are same with the following screenshot.


After completing all the steps given above, the user can start using the screen recording application by logging out and then logging in again.

In order to check whether the configuration is completed correctly, the logs in the logs folder under the TSR folder created after the Agent logs in to Tegsoft are checked. These logs should contain "config has been created" information as seen in the screenshot below.

Text  Description automatically generated

All screen recordings can be viewed and played from the Reports ➔ Call Detail Recording (CDR) ➔ Recordings page in Tegsoft.

Tegsoft makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, by or with respect to anything in this document, and shall not be liable for any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or for any indirect, special or consequential damages.

Copyright © 2022, Tegsoft. All rights reserved.

"Tegsoft" and Tegsoft’s products are trademarks of Tegsoft. References to other companies and their products use trademarks owned by the respective companies and are for reference purpose only.

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