How to Integrate Facebook to Tegsoft Web Chat?
  • 22 Jun 2022
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How to Integrate Facebook to Tegsoft Web Chat?

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Facebook Messenger is a real-time messaging app built into the social media platform Facebook itself. It's fast, mobile, and has some great features for managing conversations.

Tegsoft provides the opportunity to integrate Facebook Messenger into their products. This integration enables users to manage, record, process and report inbound customer conversations emerging from Facebook Messenger as Tegsoft web chat calls without the need to transfer call data from third parties.

This article describes how to integrate Facebook to Tegsoft Web Chat.

By reading this article, you will have information about:

  • activating Facebook Business Manager
  • activating Facebook Messenger
  • integrating and activating Facebook Messenger into Tegsoft.

Facebook Messenger Activation Steps

Please, follow the steps below to integrate Facebook Messenger to Tegsoft Web Chat.

1. Facebook Business Manager Activation

First, you need to activate Facebook Business Manager account. Therefore, please create an account from Facebook Business Manager by following the steps in flowchart below.

2. Facebook Messenger Activation

Please, follow the steps below to activate Facebook Messenger account.

Note: Before you begin, make sure that you are the admin of the page to be integrated.

1.  ➤ Go to and login to your account.
➤ Click My Apps.
Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 11.34.34.png

2.  ➤ Click Create App button in the top right-hand corner.

3.  ➤ Select Business app type. (The app type cannot be changed after your app is created.)
➤ Click Next.

4.  ➤ Enter a Display name for your app.
     (This is the app name associated with your app ID. You can change this later.)
➤ Enter an App Contact Email address for your app.
     (This email address is used to contact you about potential policy violations, app restrictions or steps to recover the app if it’s been deleted or compromised.)
➤ Select the Business Account from the list.
     (To access certain permission of features, apps need to be connected to a Business Account.)
➤ Click Create App.

5. After creating app successfully;
➤ Click Set Up Messenger to customize the way you interact with people on Messenger.

6. After setting up Messenger;
➤ Click Messenger and then Settings.
➤ Click Add or Remove Pages.

7. After adding new page;
➤ Click Generate Token.
➤ Copy generated Token.
➤ Click Done.

8. After the Facebook Messenger activation is completed successfully, integration parameters shall be set in Tegsoft software.
Follow the steps below in Tegsoft software to set integration parameters.