Campaign Result Definitions
  • 25 Oct 2022
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Campaign Result Definitions

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There is the campaign results definition screen, the results and the filter panel on the left. These result codes are used for Agent Campaign from Voice Campaigns. It is used in campaigns where the agent is involved. After meeting with the customer, the agent can choose one of these result codes according to the result of the calls.

It is recommended to define result codes before defining the Agent campaign. You can group these customers (data) by assigning a code to the customers talked with the result codes.

You can access it from the Campaign Result menu under CC Management. Field descriptions for the definition of result codes are given below.


A new campaign result code definition is opened with the "+" button. There are 3 fields to fill. The fields should be filled in conjunction with each other. You can define unlimited campaign result codes. For use in other campaigns.

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 10.09.41.png

Campaign Result: A meaningful word about the result of the campaign should be written in this field.

For example, for a sales firm, there might be phrases such as "Sales done", "Customer wanted to think", "Sales failed".

Status: There are two options, they are active and passive. If passive is selected, the campaign result code cannot be used.

Next Action: According to the result of the campaign, the action to be taken by the system should be selected from this area. There are four options. These,

  • Stop: The most used option, if selected, the campaign calls will be considered completed. It stops the action.
  • Schedule: It is used to set a new date during the call. The action continues.
  • Remove called number and continue calling: Delete the number and keep calling the other number. In case the customer has more than one number.
  • Block called number and continue calling: Block the number and keep calling the other number. In case the customer has more than one number.

Notes: You must define a campaign result name suitable for the next action. Otherwise, it can lead to confusion.

Creating Campaign Result Codes

The supervisor user is logs in to the system. The Campaign Results menu opens under CC Management. Press the "+" button for a new record. Result code is written. The next action for this result code is determined. After the "Save" button is active and then press to "Save" button. 

This code can now be selected when defining the campaign.

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