Blended Contact Center Setup
  • 24 Mar 2022
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Blended Contact Center Setup

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Blended Contact Center Services

Blended Contact Center has two main, important roles: to handle customer services and to be a strong marketing channel.
Contact centers are competent in supporting sales and marketing operations, campaign researches for informing customers and determine their needs, and time and cost management.

ℹ️  For detailed information on Tegsoft installation and activation processes, structure and configuration steps, please review the one-pager pdf.

Customers Prefer Getting Service Through Contact Center To:

Get information on a product or service they wish to purchase,
Buy the said product or service, and
File a complaint or the likes for the service/product they have purchased.

Companies Prefer Using Automated Call Campaigns To:

provide information on new products and services, conduct Customer Satisfaction surveys for feedback collections, run personalized call campaigns for the group of customers, and manage customer information, as well as remind debts.

Expectations From Blended Contact Center For Customer Services

When customers call a Contact Center, they want to get answers fast!

They want to get things done fast without the need to talk to an agent, as much as possible.

Companies Expect Contact Center Management To:

Execute calls in one screen quickly and precisely,
operate all the customer’s information for the duration of the call by integrating other software used for the institution, and
follow and analyze call traffic instantly.

Expectations From Blended Contact Center For Customer Services

Automated call campaigns can be conducted through either agents (attended) or IVR (unattended).
Depending on the nature of the campaign, there are three different calling methods that can be used for the Blended Contact Center to work with maximum effectiveness.
Preview Dialer: In this method, contact data is automatically selected from the campaign data that is uploaded and shown on the agent’s screen.

Blended Contact Center Agent Features

To help companies provide excellent call center experience to their customer, we offer the following features with our Blended Contact Center Agent Package:

  • Easy accessibility with the web-based Call Center Interface
  • Working flexibility anywhere
  • One screen Call Management with integrated Webphone
  • Alarm mails to ease management
  • Agent activity management and reporting
  • Managing manual outbound calls
  • Uploading Excel file data either dynamically or through web

3rd Party Software Integrations And Embedded TegsoftCRM Features

Tegsoft’s Blended Contact Center Agent Package includes advanced integration patterns for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, as well as embedded CRM application.

TegsoftCRM performs the following operations:

  • Integrated and configured CRM
  • Opportunity to increase customer satisfaction with the caller identification feature
  • Managing the projects or the customers by grouping customers - Customer-based, specialized call campaigns
  • Able to access customer’s call history
  • Creating specified activties for the customer
  • Interpret and conduct surveys

Besides these Inbound Contact Center Agent Package features, we also offer:

  • Easily scaling from 1 Agent to 100
  • Quick installation
  • Remote access and management options

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